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5-30 July, 2010

Refugee Children in American Academy Summer School

TBC Fund and The Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy Summer School accomplished special program for Tseovani School pupils and teachers. This program was based on the research made by international organizations (CARE, UNICEF, Save the Children)

The program aimed to make school teachers familiar with the modern teaching techniques and deepening pupils’ knowledge in English language and Mathematics. This would help children to pass the Unified National Exams, as well as, to overcome the psychological trauma caused by the conflict and reintegrate in the society.

In 2009, within this program 10 teachers of Tserovani School got acquainted with modern teaching methods and 25 pupils attended English language and Mathematics classes.

In 2010 ten students participated in this program. This pupils were selected through special exams. They were deepening their knowledge in English language and Mathematics for 4 weeks (5-30 July). These children also participated in other activities (art classes, sport, health issues, Latin dances and cinema club)

The participation fee after 20% discount made by American Academy was 1,260 GEL, Total amount 12,600 GEL. The fee covered the costs of the meals, studying materials and transportation.
Designed By Natia Jabanashvili