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10 December, 2009

Educational Sessions at Tserovani Public School

On Thursday, December 10, Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN), under the auspices of the TBC Fund, implemented educational sessions for children from grades 6 through 10 at the Tserovani public school. The sessions, conducted by an expert botanist – Giorgi Arabuli, were focused on the diversity of Georgia’s fauna, flora and vegetation, ecosystems and protected territories.

The presentations featured visual descriptions of significant ways in which humans are able to protect and maintain the environment, and encouraged the children to pursue careers in environmental protection. After the presentations, the students received CENN Green Bags and informational booklets on sustainable waste management.

On Friday, December 11, CENN delivered a selection of indoor plants, including 84 cacti and 63 begonias, to be placed in each classroom of the school. In addition, a fish aquarium equipped with a water heater and a filter, an oxygen pump and lighting with a varied population of fish was also donated to the school for educational and aesthetic purposes.

The educational sessions were a tremendous success and prompted further interest in environmental protection among the children.

Designed By Natia Jabanashvili