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28 March 2009

TBC Fund Birthday Surprise for Lika Kekoshvili

On 28 March, TBC Fund celebrated the birthday of Lika Kekoshvili who is under the guardianship of the Fund, in Gori Branch of TBC Bank.

Lika and her friends were invited to TBC Bank Branch in Gori, where animators specially called for this occasion, staged a small celebration for the party. The day was full of colourful balloons, giant birthday cake, joyful music, and what is of most importance, happy and smiling faces.

The ceremony of handing over 100% health insurance and opening of children’s savings account to Lika and Giviko Tverava - another child under the guardianship of the Fund, was specially arranged to coincide with the occasion of Lika’s birthday celebrations, by the representatives of TBC Fund.

Within the frameworks of the Guardianship Project, TBC Fund is consistently striving for improving living and psycho-emotional conditions resulting from the recent war

Designed By Natia Jabanashvili