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TBC Fund was established on 13 August 2008, to assist the victims of the Russian aggression.

The key direction of the Fund’s activities from the day of its foundation was defined as supporting children who have suffered as a result of the August conflict.

At the initial stage of Fund’s activities, emergency humanitarian assistance was provided based on the findings of the emergency needs assessment conducted. The displaced population temporarily residing in the premises of schools and kindergartens of Tbilisi and Rustavi were provided with nutrition and basic household items.

Short-term emergency humanitarian assistance projects covered over 6,000 children, youth, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. The projects were implemented through non-governmental organisations: “Lampari”, “Ganatlebis Instituti” (Institute of Education), and “Kavkasia”, as well as Peristsvaleba Nunnery.

Along with the humanitarian activities, analysis was conducted to study the condition and needs, both current and future of children and pregnant women who have suffered as a result of the conflict. Based on the findings of the needs analysis, and upon the approval of the TBC Fund Supervisory Board, implementation of the following long-term projects were initiated:

1. Project to Support Displaced Pregnant Women and Newborns
2. Project on the Construction of a School for IDPs in Tserovani
3. Project on Taking up Guardianship of Two Children Physically Injured as a Result of Hostilities

Designed By Natia Jabanashvili