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22 November, 2009

Mathematical Competition at Tserovani School

On 22 November 2009, the first tour of the Mathematical Competition, initiated and organized by “School XXI Century”, involving students of Tserovani School was held in Tserovani by the support of TBC Fund.

The Competition “EVERESTI” which is traditionally participated by Tbilisi schools, now, thanks to the organizers’ initiative and TBC Fund support, went beyond its borders to Tserovani.

116 students of Tserovani IDP settlement got chance to take part and try their best in the first tour of the competition under the roof or their new school, built by TBC Fund.

The revealed best 25 students from III to VII grades of Tserovani School will continue participation in the second tour of the competition to be held in Tbilisi and scheduled for 12 December.

According to the teachers, participation in the competition and even the modest success is a strong incentive to work harder for the students, who, duo to the August War consequences experienced very poor last academic year.

Let’s wish the students of the new school the new successes and progress.

Designed By Natia Jabanashvili