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16 December 2008

Fully Recovered Giviko Tsverava Returns from Germany

The adolescent under the guardianship of the TBC Fund, who was injured as a result of the August war, returned fully recovered to Tbilisi in the early morning of 16 December following a course of treatment in Germany .

Giviko, who suffered leg injury as a result of a bomb explosion during Gori bombings, escaped leg amputation, thanks to a serious surgical intervention carried out at Tbilisi Zhvania Clinic. However, additional treatment was necessary to fully restore the functions of the injured leg.

Later, with the assistance of the TBC Fund and efforts of Giorgi Griogolia and a Georgian doctor currently working in Germany, Giviko received a month-long medical treatment at Kaufbeuern Surgery Clinic in Germany. The adolescent who was confined to a wheelchair returned to Georgia only on a small crutch. According to doctors, he will soon be able to freely walk like his peers.

The main direction of the TBC Fund since the day of its foundations was defined as supporting the children who have suffered as a result of August conflict.

Designed By Natia Jabanashvili