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16 December 2008

TBC Fund Starts Issuing Allowances for Affected Pregnant Women

From this day onwards, TBC Fund will be providing assistance to pregnant women and their newborns having suffered as a result of August conflict, within the framework of a long-term project.

Today, at the renovated Mtatsminda Branch of the TBC Bank, TBC Fund Management and donors, together with Georgia’s First Lady Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs handed out debit cards along with symbolic presents to breastfeeding and future mothers.

GEL 1.5 million allocated for this project will be utilized to support over 2,000 pregnant women and newborns who were subjected to stress before being born, as a result of August conflict. TBC Fund pays special attention to the beneficiaries of this project.

As of present day, donations from physical and legal person to the TBC Fund exceed GEL 7.5 million, which will be utilised to support children who suffered as a result of August conflict.

Designed By Natia Jabanashvili