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September 2010

TBC Fund Congredulated Giviko Tsverava and Lika Kekoshvili with the Beginning of a New Studying Year
June 2010

The Wind-Instrument Orchestra and Folklore Ensemble Will Be Formed at Tserovani School
June 2010

TBC Fund Continues to Support Akhalgori Culture Centre
14 January 2010

TBC Fund Congratulated Tserovani Children on New Year Day According to the Orthodox Church Calendar

28 November, 2009

Rewarding Winners of Mathematical Competition “EVEREST” in Tserovani

14 September, 2009

TBC Fund Opens School for IDP’s in Tserovani settlement
1 June, 2009

TBC Fund Congratulates Tserovani Children on International Child Protection Day

30 April, 2009

TBC Fund Keeps on Taking Care of Giviko’s Family
8 March, 2009

TBC Fund Congratulates Affected Women on International Women’s Day
2 February, 2009

Injured Adolescent Returns to School after Rehabilitation
16 December 2008

Fully Recovered Giviko Tsverava Returns from Germany
10 November 2008
TBC Fund Constructs School for IDP Children in Tserovani
July 2010

35 Members of Karate-Do Group Were Granted Yellow Belts
June 2010

Healthy Generation inTserovani
June 2010

TBC Fund Continues Guardianship Project of the Two Children Physically Damaged by the War Actions
12 December, 2009

Mathematical Competition “EVERESTI” Went Beyond Tbilisi Borders

22 November, 2009

Mathematical Competition at Tserovani School

5 June, 2009

TBC Fund and its New Partner – CENN Start Working on the Project of Planting Greenery in Tserovani School Yard

25 May, 2009

TBC Fund Involved in Ensuring Quality Learning Process in Tserovani School
28 March, 2009

TBC Fund Celebrates Lika’s Birthday
3 March, 2009

Women Affected by Russian Aggression Commemorate Mother’s Day together with TBC Fund
27 January, 2009

TBC Fund Congratulates Newborn Ninos Born at Gori Maternity Hospital on Saint Nino’s Day
16 December 2008

TBC Fund Starts Issuing Allowances for Affected Pregnant Women
Designed By Natia Jabanashvili