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About Us History
TBC Fund was initiated by TBC Bank on 13 August 2008 with a contribution of GEL 5 million, and with an aim of supporting victims of Russian aggression.

Till date, the Fund has received contributions from physical and legal persons to an amount exceeding GEL 7.5 million.

The key direction of the Fund’s activities from the day of its foundation was defined as supporting child victims of the August war.

During August – September 2008, TBC Fund implemented the first phase of emergency humanitarian assistance to meet the basic needs of the displaced children, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

Over 6,700 displaced persons were provided with food products, hot meals, baby food, hygienic kits and basic household items.

Along with the emergency humanitarian assistance, needs analysis of the displaced children and pregnant women was conducted. Based on its findings, the second phase of the Fund’s activities was launched to implement long-term and wide scale projects.

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